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A successful mobile game


A mobile game that allows players to conquer parts of the real world. The app was downloaded over a million times!

My Role

I was one of the four original founders. I participated in all the project phases, from the idea, to the launch. I was responsible for the gameplay, the graphics, and all the front-end development: the website and the web app.
CityDomination's poster

The world is divided in zones which correspond to real buildings: the university, the city hall and even individual houses. But, it is impossible to win alone, that's why players must cooperate with their gang members. Social interactions are at the basis of the gameplay; it forces users to play with their friends and neighbors.

CityDomination gang illustration

Mobile app

I designed everything, from the interaction between screens, to the gameplay graphics. The mobile app is composed of four main sections accessible from the home screen: attack/defend your territory (map), the chat, the gang (team) page, and the store. Although, it was hard to navigate between sections, most use cases were only happening in the same sections, avoiding the need to navigate. You can see below a sample of the mobile wireframes I designed.

Mobile wireframes
Mockups I created for the mobile app.

Web app

I also designed the web app, which has never been fully developed. Because there is more real estate available on desktop, I was able to organize all sections on the same screen. The map is really the most important aspect of the game. That's why I decided to make it the central part of the app. Additional menus on the sides give contextual information when interacting with the map.

Web app

Similar to the mobile app, I grouped related actions in dedicated sections which can be accessed through the navigation bar at the bottom. You can see below a few menus for the different sections:

Web app wireframes
Elements from the web-app.
CityDomination phone illustration


A Successful Game!

CityDomination gained a lot of success very quickly. A month after launch, we had signed up 1,000 users on the campus only! We were featured in local media: newspapers, radio, and TV!

I left the project after a year, in December 2012 due to a lack of time and my studies at INSA of Lyon. CityDomination has been acquired by the gaming company Mob In Life and is now one of their most successful game with more than a million downloads. Try it now: Android, iOS.

CityDomination's poster
CityDomination's map