SixDoors Back

My first startup experience


SixDoors was an iOS app which allowed customers to shop from local stores in San Francisco and be delivered the same day. It was my first time working for a startup.

My Role

I worked as a Web Developer but I was also responsible for consumer support, deliveries, and more!

I stopped my studies at INSA of Lyon for one year to follow my dreams and work for a San Francisco's startup! I joined the startup a few months before launch and left a year later. I was responsible for developing and maintaining SixDoors's web apps, including: icon

SixDoors's webstore. It drove more than 50% of SixDoors sales. I developed every page from the product details, to the order flow! Built in EmberJS.

Sellers' back office icon

Sellers' back office

The web app used by sellers to list products, manage their account, track, and create orders. It was first developed with EmberJS and rewrote later in AngularJS.

Courier mobile app icon

Courier mobile app

The mobile web app used by the SixDoors couriers around the city to deliver products as fast as possible! It was first developed with Sencha Touch 2 and then using EmberJS and Ratchet.

SixDoors webstore
SixDoors delivery

The Startup Experience

It was tough, but I loved it!

It was a profound experience! I learned more in a year than in four year of college. When I arrived, there was nothing, everything had to be developed from scratch and in a very short time. I had to learn two new JavaScript frameworks: EmberJS and AngularJS, a new syntax: CoffeeScript, a new language: Ruby on Rails, and to deal with various APIs. My friend and colleague Johannes Wuerbach told me everything he knew about development.

But it's only a small part of the story. Because we were only six people, we had to do everything by ourselves. Meaning, running across the city to deliver items customers ordered, answering customers, coaching our partners, promoting the brand, etc.