I am a Designer and an Engineer living in the Bay Area. I work at Cogniac to bring computer vision to the world.


Mission Driven

I want my life to have an impact. All the things I do fit in the big picture.


I invest 100% of my energy on one-and-only-one thing at a time.

Learning by doing

I will do things I have never done before if I can learn in the process.
Selected Work
2017Sr. UX Engineer at Cogniac

Designing a mental model for Computer Vision applications

I am responsible for the design of all Cogniac's interfaces: the web and iOS apps, and the marketing website. My work consists in creating solutions to help data scientists build better computer vision

models. I use data visualization, metaphors, and active feedback as a way to make computer vision more accessible.

I like sharing my insights on Medium. In my last article, I show how I use graph-based interfaces to create complex computer vision pipelines.

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2016Co-founder of Adminca

Creating an admin panel people love to use

I co-founded Adminca to make it easier to manage backend data. I designed, built and launched an application that allows users to quickly create intuitive and powerful admin panels.

Panels can be setup and customized within seconds without writing any code. Over 500 sign-ups from startups and agencies within the first two months. 200 mobile agencies are using Adminca every week to manage data with their teams.

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2015UX Designer at BitTitan

Advocating for Design in building better products

As one of the first designers, I redesigned a calling software for Sales agents. I used the User-Centered Desing process to teach by example how to create products people love to use.

I conducted an extensive user research study, led design workshops, and created personas. Management was impressed by the results and decided to hire two more designers.

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